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ColdExt Issue: Ext 3.0?

Name: Ext 3.0?
ID: 5
Project: ColdExt
Type: Enhancement
Area: Code
Severity: Normal
Status: Closed
Related URL:
Creator: Chris Dawes
Created: 07/26/09 11:10 PM
Updated: 04/07/11 2:05 PM
Description: Just wondering if you are looking at porting this to ext 3.0 soon?
History: Created by dawesi (Chris Dawes) : 07/26/09 11:10 PM

Comment by carter (Justin Carter) : 07/27/09 4:48 AM
Yep, some early support is already in the trunk in SVN. Note that I probably won't be bundling Ext JS with ColdExt from the next release onwards and that the new code uses Ext's default folder structure.

Updated by carter (Justin Carter) : 07/27/09 4:48 AM

Comment by byteless (Asim) : 12/08/09 11:49 AM
Is anyone working on to porting coldext to ext3.0?

Comment by jason.weible (Jason Weible) : 12/10/09 7:05 PM
Last I heard from Justin, he was still working on it, but busy with lots of other things at the same time.

Comment by kroche (Kevin Roche) : 04/04/11 7:35 AM
I have found it pretty straightforward to update these tags to the latest version of Ext. I am now using Ext 3.3.1 with the tags and only needed a few small changes.

You can add extra attributes simply by adding something like what is there already. If you need a new tag look for one for a parent in the Ext hierachy and copy that to make a tag like it. I'll do a blog post soon on a new tag I have created recently which might help.

Comment by kroche (Kevin Roche) : 04/07/11 2:05 PM
I have just posted an example of how to add new tags to coldext at http://www.objectiveaction.com/Kevin/index.cfm/2011/4/4/An-advanced-color-picker-control-with-ExtJS-and-coldext

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