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Author: Justin Carter (All RIAForge projects by this author)
Last Updated: March 7, 2009 9:46 AM
Version: Release Candidate 1
Views: 345,568
Downloads: 10,002
Demo URL: http://www.madfellas.com/docs
License: GPL (GNU General Public License)


ColdExt is a ColdFusion tag library which makes it easier to build rich user interfaces using the amazing Ext JS library.

ColdExt currently supports a wide range of UI components including forms, grids, layouts, menus, remote data, trees and more! ColdExt also has support for tag insight in CFEclipse. Visit my blog and check out the ColdExt category for more ColdExt information and working demos :)

For more information about ExtJS visit http://extjs.com
The ColdExt demos make use of CFJSON from http://www.epiphantastic.com/cfjson/


CFMX7, CF8, Railo 3.0.1 or OpenBD 1.0
ExtJS 2.2.1

Issue Tracker:

9 EXTJS 4.0 support? Open 05/12/11 10:14 AM
5 Ext 3.0? Closed 04/07/11 2:05 PM
8 Setting Up Open 10/22/09 6:25 AM
7 Conflict with Built-in-Function TrueFalseFormat in Railo Open 08/21/09 10:13 AM
6 does not display data Open 08/18/09 2:42 AM

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